Spirit of Nature

(2017 - 2019)

Spirit of Nature refers to the vulnerable and powerful spirit of nature. With the photo series Spirit of Nature, Merel Huisink focuses on the aura of the natural environment. With her work, she visualizes the colorful energy around nature as we cannot visual see in reality.

Huisink shows the animated vibrations with her style of photographic-expressionism through the combination of the realism of photography and her expression with watercolor painting. She visualizes the soul of nature by digitally blending both mediums. With a palette of intense colors, she pictures the aura by applying colorful contours around the trees, ferns, blossoms, mountains, and rivers.

In the hectic society, Huisink recharges herself spiritually by walking in the woods. The picturesque aesthetic is not the main thing she wants to capture, but it is her experience of the connection with the source of nature. When we open ourselves up to the invisible life energy, we could experience the cosmic consciousness again.