Merel Huisink (1991, Haarlem) lives and works in Amsterdam as a fine art photographer. After completing the study Art and Design, she studied at the University of the Arts in Tilburg and afterward at the University of Applied Photography in Amsterdam. In 2017, she published her photo series ZEN as a book.

In her work, the starting point is the origin of existence. She translates life experiences in metaphorical and poetic images of elements from nature. Huisink’s work is the reflection of her feelings and thoughts, which encourages the viewer to philosophize about the soul. Her recent work Spirit of Nature is focused on the aura of nature.

Merel Huisink Gallery

Zet Gallery Portugal
Saatchi Art

2018 Gallery De Stoker Amsterdam
2018 F-Stop Magazine - Online Group Exhibition
2018 ZEN, De Balie Amsterdam
2017 Book ZEN, FotoFestival Naarden Right Here, Right Now!
2017 Book ZEN, Culture Café Noordwijk
2017 ZEN, Grimbergen Lisse
2017 0031, Loods 6 Amsterdam
2016 First Class, Fotovakschool Amsterdam
2014 Sint Fransiscus Rotterdam
2013 ArtEvent Helmond
2011 ArtAttack PlantageDok Amsterdam
2010 Trouwgebouw Amsterdam

2018 ZEN, 2nd edition (dutch), book, printed on demand Isbn 978908262950
2017 ZEN, 1st edition (dutch), book, printed on demand Isbn 978908262950

2018 F-Stop Magazine Issue #89
2018 Het Parool Ps
2017 PF Magazine (online)
2017 T.A.P. Talks About Photography
2017 LisserNieuws
2016 GeenZen (interview)
2016 GeenZen (book review ZEN)